Night 1

Alicia - "If you're listening to this, I sure hope you're not planning on sleeping in this room. I'm Alicia, and if you've, unfortunately only stumbled across this tape during the dark... it's probably watching you right now.

I've left a flashlight under the bed, if you've not already found it. It's... the only thing they're scared of.

I've tried telling people... the boogeyman... he got my sister. No-one will believe me, they won't believe you either, trust me. You'll need to learn to fight this, by yourself.

There's some spare batteries hidden under the floorboard under the bed. They're kind of mixed up, sorry.

If you can last long enough, it'll leave you alone, like it did me. Eventually... I hope."

Second Tape:

Elle - "Alicia, come on."

Alicia - "You know we shouldn't be out of bed Elle, Mum and Dad will get angry again-"

Elle - "Oh, stop being a baby, now close your eyes and count to ten."

Alicia - "Okay... one... two... three... four... five... six... seven... ...eight... ...nine... ...ten..."

Night 2

Alicia - "You know I don't like it when you hide in there."

Elle - "You know, the closet is only the second favorite place for the boogeyman."

Alicia - "W-what's the first?"

Elle - "Under the bed! Everybody knows that!"

Night 3

Alicia: Go to sleep, otherwise I'll say the word that make him come. Elle: Please don't! I'll go to sleep.