This is Phone calls from Five Nights at Boogeyman 2

Night 1

Employee #3 - Hey New security guard it's me Craig Thank you so much Welcome to Boogeyman's Pizzaria please call me my number is 457-134-567 the what Noo-Noo is active the stop from Phone calls is not very good Good Luck and Good Night 'Phone Beep'

Night 2

Alicia - Hello Elle 'Drink' Oh! Insane Po is active the my phone is break the my house is good Check cams! Bud my house is Very Good Place see later! 'Phone Beep'

Night 3

Alicia - Hello this is horror place the house is very scary new phone calls blah blah Elle please call me Employee #3 - asdshfahsadfeafwradfyar4adwde44t Alicia - Please call me my number is 345-789-789 Employee #3 - iadshasfahauhsdhuajdhahushuwhdjaijsauhwagagshwygdasdfghkgaywagjagdjajahdajahsafortwo 'Phone Beep'

Night 4

Thomas - Hello Elle it's me Thomas Employee 3 is active the my house is 34km Alicia is dead from Employee #3 from FNaTL This Employee is very good people of This place Employee #3 is kill from Noo-Noo Alright! cams the safe are you Elle the my house see later Employee 3 - hgtaisdadawjajsdijwdijadaklaka 'Phone Beep'

Night 5 & Night 4 Secret Phone call

Hey it's me Employee #3 the Noo-Noo is danger run from this night This is crazy place 'Noo Noo' Music Box Goodbye! 'Noo Noo' SCREAM (LOUD) 'Phone Beep'

Remixed Phone call

Hello it's me Alicia i'am back from British Columbia the back Elle help for Employee #3 the Employee #3 is dead from Noo-Noo Noo-Noo is Danger in Night 5 Noo-Noo is active on Night 1 Job is stop shops in New York, USA thank you this smile thanks! for watching Elle Good Night *Royal Lutroth screaming* HELP ME 'Phone Busy Signal'